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    Eco Max Body Brush – Travel

    $12.50 $10.00

    A natural unbleached fibre brush handmade from sisal. Ideal for dry body brushing to exfoliate, gently brushing away dead skin cells and toxins. Dry body brushing can also help with circulation by stimulating the lymphatic system and will leave your skin feeling smooth and soft with a natural glow. Can also be used wet for body washing.

    This is an ideal size to pack for a weekend away so you won’t have to miss out on your daily dry body massage.

    The Eco Max Body Range is an eco-friendly range of body brushes that use natural unbleached and sustainable materials, all beautifully designed and manufactured using fair trade principles to provide a true eco alternative. The Brushes are environmentally-friendly and biodegradable and utilise waste products, coco fibre from the husk of the coconut and rubber wood, a waste product from rubber production and natural unbleached sustainable materials, Alistonia timber and sisal, that can replace plastics in the bathroom. The wire is galvanised so it won’t rust and the cords are all cotton. Even the timber sealant is non-toxic which means it’s animal and child-friendly too. The sisal softens naturally in warm water to give you a vigorous scrub without being too hard and the unbleached coir provides a firm grip even with soapy hands. When the brushes have come to the end of their life, many years from now, they can be added to the compost bin where they will break down naturally leaving only the galvanised wire.

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    Ever Eco Bamboo Cutlery Set

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    A sustainable and convenient alternative to single-use plastic cutlery while out and about. Keep this handy set in your bag, backpack, car or lunch bag.

    • Contains a knife, fork and spoon in an organic cotton storage pouch
    • Cutlery made from bamboo finished with food grade vegetable oil
    • Hand wash recommended
    • Do not soak in water for a prolonged period of time

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    Cheeki 350ml Water Bottle – Butterfly (FREE Insulated Cover)

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    Start your kids on the right path to good hydration!

    These children-orientated stainless steel bottles are eco-friendly, safe to drink from and painted with non-toxic inks. All Cheeki lids are BPA-free. The bottles are made from pure grade 304 (18/8) stainless steel. They contain no linings and will not leach chemicals. FREE insulated cover for a limited time only.

    Replaceable Kids Twist lids are available as an accessory.

    Note: These bottles are designed for cold liquids only.

    Manufactured from Premium Food Grade stainless steel with no inside lining, non-toxic inks and BPA-Free, this is the best reusable water bottle you will ever have. These stainless steel bottles are healthy, environmentally friendly and cost effective. Refill and reuse your Cheeki product and you will never need to use a disposable cup, water bottle or food container ever again.