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    Amazing Oils Magnesium Flakes 800g

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    Relax in a Magnesium bath. Similar to Epsom Salts only NINE TIMES the Magnesium. You can use magnesium flakes for foot baths as well as big baths and spas.

    Magnesium flakes are suitable for relief from skin conditions. Safe for sensitive skin, children and during pregnancy.

    • It’s like having a relaxing bath but you’re also getting your magnesium levels optimised.
    • Bathe away your aches and pains.
    • Causes skin pruning because you won’t want to get out of the bath! (Subsides in minutes)

    Magnesium Chloride flakes are created from the purest form of naturally occurring Magnesium. This form is a smaller molecule than its man-made relative Magnesium Sulphate (or Epsom salt), therefore they are 5x more powerful.

    Active Ingredients: Naturally occurring Magnesium Chloride. Pharmaceutical grade.

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    Amazing Oils Organic Magnesium Oil Spray 60ml

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    Great things come in little packages and our Organic Magnesium Spray in a 60ml handy bottle lasts over two months with daily use (Assuming you can keep everyone else from using it that is). The handi-spray is the perfect travel companion! ​​​Whether you leave it in your handbag, gym bag or even the car – this is the most convenient item to use when you're on the go! ​It's a great little extra to add to any product purchase (you can top these little ones up from your refill bottle).​

    This can be used as a daily treatment for general aches and pains. For head aches, spraying a small amount at the base of your neck or use this to help treat sore muscles or restless leg by applying directly to the problem areas.

    • No CFC's nor other aerosol gasses used
    • Odourless
    • Non oily
    • Highly effective
    • Easy to hide from everyone who wants to 'borrow' it