Tom Organic Panty Liners – Ultra Thin Liners (26)


TOM Organic Ultra Thin Liners are perfect for keeping you fresh throughout the day, all month long. They’re also ideal for a very light flow or as a second line of defence when using a tampon. They’re also conveniently individually wrapped.

Tom Organic pads and liners are used either alone or in conjunction with tampons, providing an extra level of comfort and confidence. Suitable for a range of flows, TOM pads and liners are there for you at all stages of your cycle.

• Made with Certified Organic Cotton
• Suitable for a light flow
• Hypoallergenic & Breathable
• 100% Biodegradable Liner
• Free from chlorine & dioxin bleach
• No synthetic top sheet or core
• Individually wrapped for convenience
• Not tested on animals, cruelty free & vegan

Ingredients: organic cotton topsheet and core (73%), Mater-bi bioplastic barrier backsheet (27%).

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About Tom Organic

“Our vision is to pioneer a range of pure and essential personal care products that respect the environment and empower women to live healthier, more fulfilled lives.”

TOM Organic is an Australian, female-owned business, started in 2009 by our Founder Aimee Marks. Our range of certified organic tampons and pads have been developed by women, for women and are available Australia-wide.

When we learnt about the impact conventional tampons and pads have on our environment and learnt how they are not always made with pure cotton, we felt a responsibility to make an alternative – we use over 15,000 tampons in a lifetime and they come into contact with one of the most absorbent parts of our body! That’s why our products are designed with some important questions in mind: how do the materials used to make them affect us? And what impact do they have on the environment, both whilst they’re being made and after they’ve been used? We believe in building a community of conscious consumers, empowering women to lead healthy, fulfilled lives.

We also believe that business can be a force for good, which is why we’re one of the founding B Corporations in Australia.

So why do we call ourselves “TOM”? When we first launched, we were purely a feminine hygiene brand and TOM stood for “Time Of Month”. But we are so much more than that now! We launched our maternity range in 2014 and more products are in the pipeline (we also just launched a baby range, Tooshies by TOM which we are very excited about!).

So the name TOM stayed because we are still very connected to it and it reflects the loyalty our customers have given, to get us to where we are today.


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