• $6.95

    BioBag Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags (40)


    Whether it be in a public park, beach or in your own backyard, BioBag dog waste bags are the convenient and environmentally friendly alternative to using polyethylene (plastic) bags. Made from corn starch so just like corn it breaks down in compost. They come in black to hide the contents of the bag from view. Years of research have allowed for the production of a bag that not only breaks down fast in compostable conditions but allows it to keep on the shelf for about 2 years without losing much strength.

    Did you know? Australian’s love their dogs… According to the RSPCA’s website there are an estimated 4.2 Million dogs in Australia… just imagine if each of those dogs were walked once a day and their responsible owner picked up after them with a bag – that would be over 1.5 Billion bags used every year!!

    BioBag dog waste bags do not contain any polyethylene-based ingredients. They are as natural as dog waste and
    biodegrade within 10-45 days in a well functioning composting environment. By comparison, it takes more than 100 years for normal plastic bags to biodegrade. It strikes us as strange that conscientious dog owners scoop up their dogs’ poop (which is fully biodegradable) and then put it into plastic bags that will remain with us for 100 years! The logical solution is biodegradable BioBag dog waste bags, the answer for responsible, earth-minded pet owners and communities.

    BioBag compostable bags help combat the problem of sending organics to landfill. Using BioBag bags to collect and compost organic waste, including dog waste, helps complete the natural cycle by returning much needed nutrients back to the environment.

  • $16.95

    Aussie Kitchen Mate Caddy


    Australian owned, designed, and made – this bin is designed to keep the bad smells in.

    The Aussie Kitchen mate has a good seal with a snap shut clasp and is solid, smooth and easy to clean and manage. They have a large, ergonomically designed handle to make carrying a full bin a breeze. Use in conjunction with the 8 litre BioBag to trap in the bad smells and keep the air out before placing the bag into either your compost bin or council rubbish bin.

    The lid can click open in a ‘stand-up’ position making it convenient to dispose of scraps plus a double rimmed lid to keep moisture in when opening the caddy.

    *8 litre BioBag sold separately

  • $19.95

    MaxAir 2 Ventilated Kitchen Caddy


    Reduce the smells of your compostable scraps in your kitchen or if you're not composting, assist in the breakdown of your organic food waste when it hits landfill with the MaxAir 2 ventilated kitchen caddy.

    The ventilated caddy is used in about 6 million households worldwide and is the most popular system available around the globe today. The fully ventilated Max Air 2 using a BioBag liner* is an aerobic system that reduces the weight of organic food waste transported by council by around 20% because the system ‘dries’ the food waste and keeps it ‘fresher’ by not encouraging an anaerobic reaction to occur.

    The lid can stand open making it convenient to dispose of scraps. There is ventilation on all 6 sides maximising air flow allowing the system to perform as intended, reducing moisture and odours.

    *8 litre BioBag sold separately